Serial recall

We are able to recollect items or events in the order they are given. This is important for language use. Some effects that are associated with this...

  • List length effect: This ability decreases as length of list goes up.
  • Primacy and recency effects: Primacy effect - better recall of items at the beginning, Recency effect - more recall of items at the end.
  • Item confusion errors: When one item is forgotten, we tend to replace it with something that resembles it in that position.
  • Repetition errors: We tend to give an item in an earlier position at another position.
  • Fill in effect: If the sequence to remember is 1234, and we recalled 124, the next item likely will be 3 - the missed item.
  • Protrusion effects: We might recall an item from an earlier list in a new list - likely at the same position it was in, in the earlier list.
  • Word length effects: Short words are recalled better than long words.